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On one of the darkest Sundays of the year, we again take a step back, and give you another list of interesting people we follow. Today we pay respect to a few people that deserve to be listened to. Of course there are others, but these stand out.


Troy Hunt is probably most known for being the author of the Have I Been Pwned? project, where people can check if their email credentials have been leaked in various data breaches. By collecting the database dumps and organizing these in services where users can check their own information, such as username or password. Recently he has announced that we will sell off the service. At time of writing, no suitable buyer has been found.

In addition to this Hunt is an active author and speaker. He will be attending NDC Security next year, be sure to catch him there.


On the KrebsOnSecurity you can find the work of American author and investigative reporter Brian Krebs. Krebs started his security reporting on The Washington Post in the late 1990-ies. Later he became known for his investigating reporting on crybercriminals. His high profile has made him a target of attacks on the internet, like the ditributed denial of service attack in 2016. He still post dayily on his blog.


Steve Gibson got his bragging rights designing light pen hardware for Apple II, creating software for recovering ZIP-drives and hard drives. Today he is probably mostly recognized for being co-host of the Security Now podcast, where he reports on the latest news in addition to a deep dive into a security related topic. He is also the brain child behind SQRL, an alternative to username and password, which we wrote about in

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